tappeto azilal in lana colo avorio con simboli colorati , come una riga centrale di rombi e quattro  righe spezzate azzurre
angolo di un tappetto dal quale si può ammirare il morbido pelo corto e la frangia
dettaglio del retro di un tappeto in lana su base chiara con rombi e linee colorate
zoom su uno dei rombi del tappeto formato da tanti rombi colorati uno all'interno dell'altro

Casa Amar

Azilal carpet 2.4*1.3 m

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Hand woven.
This carpet is unique in the world.

Material: Wool
Measurement: 243*137 cm excluding fringes
Weight: 7.7kg
Coat: Short
Fringe: On both sides

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Azilal carpet 2.4*1.3 m

Casa Amar

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Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi 4
20143 Milano MI


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We discovered this carpet during a trip to the province of Azilal, more precisely in the Ait Bou Oulli Valley. The name of the valley means "herds of flocks" in the Amazigh language...

It is a true collective work of art: At Ait Bou Oulli the whole community contributes together to the creation of the carpets and does so with respect and pride: those who look after the flocks, those who spin and card the wool, those who knot the wool and who carefully washes the final carpet.

The carpet has a typical composition in the region. The rhombus represents the matrix, the uterus and by extension the woman. When many diamonds are drawn one inside the other, it represents the eye and therefore the protection against the evil eye.

On the sides, however, the broken lines are a masculine symbol par excellence.

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