erbe tintorie in due cestini appoggiati su un tappeto con lana rossa tinta con metodi naturali e tradizionali

Travel diary: Taznakht

Taznakht is a village in Morocco that is simply unmissable for carpet enthusiasts. The artisans of this region create carpets of timeless elegance. The richness of this cultural heritage, the quali...
dettaglio del motivo a rombi di un tappeto beni ourain su base in lana bianca

Discover Beni Ourain rugs

Beni Ourain carpets are appreciated around the world for their ancient history, their timeless elegance and their adaptability to any environment and style.
porta e muro verde acqua all'interno della medina di boujaad

Travel diary: discovering Boujaad carpets

Boujaad, Morocco's city of the "thousand and one saints", is famous for its carpets with vibrant colors and surprising designs.
mani di beatrice redaelli che toccano il logo di casa amar

How to choose a rug with Beatrice Redaelli, Interior Designer

Beatrice Redaelli tells us how she chose the perfect rug for her home.
Beni Mrirt, la storia di un segreto ben protetto

Beni Mrirt, the story of a well-protected secret

Why do Beni Mrirt have such different wool? There are three reasons and we bet that the third reason will surprise you!
Conosci il significato del rombo?

Do you know the meaning of the diamond?

In this article we tell you a piece of the fascinating history of Moroccan artisan carpets, which has been handed down for more than two thousand years.
Fuorisalone 2022

Fuorisalone 2022

During the Fuorisalone, from 6 to 12 June, we welcome you to the Sarah Maj shop, which will host our wonders.
khmissa creata per casa amar con onde colorate che ricordano le dune del deserto

5 things to know about Khmissa

A hundred stories can be told about the Khmissa. In this article, you will discover something about its origins, its meanings and its uses.
dettaglio di un tappeto beni ourain con pelo lungo e morbido di colore bianco e disegno geometrico di tipo romboidale

10 reasons to choose a wool rug

Wool is a natural fiber used for centuries to create carpets. In this article, we give you 10 reasons to choose a wool carpet, whether new or second-hand.