Wool rugs

You can vacuum regularly on low or moderate power. It is recommended to carefully vacuum the fringes.

During the first few weeks, knotted rugs may lose the excess hair trapped in the wool: this is completely normal, because the wool is perfectly natural and the manufacturing process is perfectly artisanal. If you want to speed up this normal shedding process, just vacuum a little more frequently until the rug has lost all the excess.

However, this normal loss does not occur in carpets that have already been worn.

If the ruggets stained, just quickly pour in a little cold or lukewarm water, possibly with the addition of a natural soap (such as Marseille soap or a delicate detergent). Never use aggressive detergents. Then you can dab with a damp cloth and if necessary, rub gently.

Water does not damage the carpet: however, it is essential to dry it correctly, either with a hairdryer with medium-hot air or by hanging it in such a way as to allow it to air.

In general, humidity is not good for wool. Therefore, if for reasons of moving or work you need to store the rug in a cellar or any humid and unventilated place, it will be necessary to cover it in an airtight way protecting it from humidity.

Boucherouite rugs

f they are small, Boucherouite rugs can also be pushed out with just your hands: it is a very simple solution if you have a garden and it can also be done from a window or a small balcony (in compliance with condominium rules). You can even bang him in the bathtub!

If the Boucherouite rugs are flat-woven (kilim/hanbel), you can safely use the vacuum cleaner, choosing low or medium power. You can also wash them in the washing machine with a short hand wash mode, cold and without spinning. Just let them air dry.

If the Boucherouite instead has "a hair" (regardless of the material), it is not recommended to use the vacuum cleaner unless you do it rarely, with very low power and ideally with the brush usually supplied as an accessory for cleaning carpets. In case of stains, simply wash with cold or lukewarm water and a natural soap, then rinse with cold water.

Hassira mats

They are easily cleaned with a broom or brush. If you need to clean a specific stain, you can use a sponge moistened with cold or lukewarm water and soaked in a delicate detergent.

If you wish to use a vacuum cleaner, we recommend using the brush usually supplied as an accessory to clean carpets and choosing a low power.