coppia sorridente seduti su un tappeto dai toni rossi e rosa che fa anche da sfondo. ai loro piedi è presente una decorazione floreale
coppia seduta su tappeto dai toni rossi e roda che si tiene la mano e si sorride

The story of Casa Amar is a love story in every sense.

Love between Matteo, born and raised in Italy, and Jihane, born and raised in Morocco. Two different lives, crossed during their studies in Paris and never separated again.

After years of working in ours reference sectors - Matteo in marketing, Jihane as a business lawyer - we decided to embark on an adventure that made more sense for us and to build a "tailor-made" enterprise, guided by our love for craftsmanship, beauty, Morocco.

dettaglio di una mano femminile appoggiata su un morbido tappeto

Love for craftsmanship.

Leve for things done well, with talent, mastery, creativity; for Handmade , because only in this way the object created becomes unique in the world. Only in this way a real bond has created between the object and those who choose it.

dettaglio di una un rosa rossa appoggiata su in tappeto dal pelo bianco morbido e lungo con disegno romboidale nero

Love for beauty.

The authentic one, full of meaning. Which does good to those who create it, those who see it, those who touch it. The one that gives pleasure, that gives a soul to the house, that leaves no one indifferent.

Casa Amar rugs and textile accessories are artisanal and artistic creations that infuse beauty into every space.

porta della kasba di tangeri

Love for Morocco

Casa Amar allows us to travel around the country and let you travel with us. Telling you the stories behind each object, sharing with you what we love about Morocco: the ancestral know-how of its craftsmen and women, the hospitality and unique generosity of the inhabitants of its rural areas, the variety of its landscapes, the richness of its architecture, its amazing cuisine…