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How to choose a rug with Beatrice Redaelli, Interior Designer

Beatrice Redaelli tells us how she chose the perfect rug for her home.
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One space, three possibilities

Beatrice Redaelli is a talented interior designer, always looking for exquisitely green atmospheres and vintage objects. He is a Casa Facile Blogger and writes for both the magazine and website.

You can also find her on her blog "Il Semenzaio delle idee" , founded six years ago, where she talks about furniture, travel and DIY projects, or on Instagram @ilsemenzaiodelleidee . Observe, photograph, learn and invent... with the free gaze of someone who loves to push himself to investigate every detail. Don't miss his articles on Morocco: he discovered the country a few years ago and took some amazing photos for all interior design lovers.

We followed all his adventures in the renovation of his fearless #attic with pleasure and appreciated the care with which he chose every detail of the house.

Beatrice needed a carpet for her living room. Once we had decided on the size she needed, we identified together three options that were very different from each other. The interior designer tells us about them:


minimalist light carpet with modern dark gray sofa

Soft and essential. With its fascinating geometric decorations it is a must for Nordic style interiors. It is a traditional object which however also lends itself to being an innovative detail. A curiosity? The rhombus is not just any geometric element, but rather represents the female body... The rhombus has a profound and ancient meaning, it tells stories of femininity.


Contemporary rug with natural wool colored base and three color blocks: sugar paper, rust and dove grey

Simple and chic. For elegant environments characterized by essential and clean lines, precious materials, without sacrificing comfort. Do you love decorating in a contemporary style? This carpet, with its sugar paper and rust shades, will transform your spaces into very trendy environments.


Black and white carpet with intricate designs and colorful details, under a modern gray sofa - on which yellow and gray-toned cushions are placed

Quirky and welcoming. Do you want to make your environments unique with a detail that enhances them? Choose a maximalist style rug. Stripes, zigzags, intricate designs, variety of colors. To each their own! “

Any of these options could work in his living room. So, how do you choose the perfect carpet for your home?

Beatrice explains “Owning an artisanal designer rug today is like owning something precious. My advice for finding the right one, therefore, can only be to let yourself be inspired, immersing yourself in the stories of the artisans who created them.”

This is exactly what we do even when we select the carpets we buy. It's not just a rational purchase. We look, we touch each carpet and let ourselves be guided by the emotions it arouses and by what it tells.

In your opinion, which carpet did Beatrice prefer for her #fearlessattic?

He tells us like this: “And the winner is… number 1, the simplicity of his style won us over!”

Beatrice opted for the minimalist carpet, with a classic but not obvious style, thanks to the large and slightly irregular diamonds. The rug illuminates her space and on this soft, natural wool-colored canvas, Beatrice can play with accessories and materials.