coppia di babouche realizzate con tappeto boucherouite in denim scuro viste frontalmente
coppia di babouche realizzate con tappeto boucherouite in denim scuro indossate
babouche realizzata a mano in marocco con tappeto boucherouite in denim scuro
coppia di babouche realizzate con tappeto boucherouite in denim scuro

Babouche "Casa Denim" Boucherouite

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The traditional babouche revisited in honor of our Casa Denim collection, without losing what makes its authentic beauty: no plastic, just recycled denim and locally processed leather.

In his Marrakech atelier, the craftsman has carefully crafted a lightweight, particularly comfortable babouche with a reinforced sole.

To create the babouche, she used a fabric knotted by Azilal artisans, with the same knotting technique used to create rugs.

The result is an extremely original model, which will make every outfit special.


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Babouche "Casa Denim" Boucherouite


Casa Amar

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Casa Denim

A limited edition, original and bold collection, which combines quality, ethics and style. Created with love to give new life to one of the most polluting fabrics in the fashion industry, denim.

tavolo pieno di jeans in un mercato di seconda mano in marocco

We have found hundreds and hundreds of jeans in the second-hand markets in Morocco and we have entrusted ourselves to the expert hands of Moroccan craftsmen and women, to transform them into unique Boucherouite carpets and stylish and comfortable babouches, with attention to every detail.

mano appoggiata su un tappeto realizzato annodando fettuccine di tessuto ricavate da vecchi jeans

More than 4.5 billion pairs of jeans are sold per year… for a global population of 7.8 billion people. Where do jeans that are no longer worn go?

ragazzo e ragazza sdraiati su un tappeto boucherouite in denim con due paia di babouche ai lati
coppia di babouche realizzate a mano in marocco in jeans chiaro con pompon in jeans vista da davanti
Babouche "Casa Denim" with pompon
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coppia di Babouche realizzate a mano in marocco in jeans chiaro viste frontalmente
Babouche "Casa Denim"
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tappeto boucherouite realizzato con vecchi jeans con motivi a zig zag
Boucherouite rug "Casa Denim" 2.5*1.7 m
Sale price€900,00