passatoia beni ourain su base chiara con siegno astratto nero sfumato e frangia rosa
dettaglio della frangia rosa di una passatoia beni ourain in lana bianca
retro dell'angolo di una passatoia beni ourain
dettaglio del disegno astratto di una passatoia beni ourain

Runner Beni Ourain 3.9*1 m

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Hand knotted.
This moroccan rug is unique in the world.

Material: Wool
Measurement: 390*106 cm - 12.8*3.5 ft excluding fringes
Weight: 10 kg - 22 lbs
Pile height: Short
Fringe: On both sides

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Pickup available at Casa Amar Usually ready in 24 hours

Runner Beni Ourain 3.9*1 m

Casa Amar

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi 4
20143 Milano MI


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All our rugs have already been brushed and washed with the traditional method.

Amazigh rugs are durable and become more valuable as time passes. To maintain their resistance, it is essential to clean them: the dust that accumulates damages the wool in the long term.

Cleaning Amazigh rugs is simple and we believe that taking care of our home and the objects around us is an integral part of "self-care".

You can vacuum regularly on low or moderate power. It is recommended to carefully vacuum the fringes.
In the first few weeks, knotted carpets may lose the excess hair trapped in the wool: this is completely normal, because the wool is perfectly natural and the manufacturing process is perfectly artisanal.

If the carpet gets stained, just quickly pour in a little cold or lukewarm water, possibly with the addition of a natural soap (such as Marseille soap or a delicate detergent). Never use aggressive detergents. Then you can dab with a damp cloth and, if necessary, rub gently.

If you wish, you can also take them to laundries that offer professional carpet cleaning services: it may be useful to do this from time to time, after a few years.

Discover all our advice on the page Carpet Care and Cleaning.